Saturday, February 28, 2009

Catching Up

Things around here have been a little busy this past month. It seems like I haven't had a spare second to sit down and do anything. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. Some people may wonder what a stay at home mom does all day. I have the absolute best job in the world of staying home with my girls. It just doesn't get any better than getting to watch them grow and change everyday. But I can say that it is so exhausting sometimes. I believe that you have time for what you make time for. I have made time for the girls this past month and the time that I have gotten to myself has been scarce at best. So one thing that I have not made time for is blogging.
This weekend Julia is away on a mission trip with the youth group in Houston. It is too cold to play outside. Ken has Kenley and is out getting pizza. Ashlyn is pretending that she is Lucy from Narnia. And I have a few minutes to sit down and blog. Aaahhhh.....
The only thing that has been happening here is just everyday life. But I love it. I have joined a Bible study that I absolutely love. I tried to get involved with this study (BSF if any of you are familiar with it) several years ago and it was not the right time for me. I was so discouraged and felt like I couldn't keep up with everyone else's Bible knowledge. Shelly has been asking me for awhile to go and I guess about a month ago I went again. Her mother-in-law keeps Avery during the study and she offered to keep Kenley as well. What a blessing Dorothy is to my life right now. I have loved the study this time around and have already gotten so much out of it in just the few times that I have been. Thank you so much for what you do Dorothy.
Julia has now been with us for six months! She has really become a part of our family. I can't imagine life without her. She turned 16 last month. We took her out to dinner with some of her friends to PF Chang's and had a great time. She also got a surprise party from the youth group at church. I think that made her day. She is doing really well in school and has become active in our church youth group. She is on a mission trip to Houston with the youth group this weekend. I am starting on a scrapbook for her next week. I am looking forward to doing it for her to give her something to remember from America.
Kenley is growing like crazy and has had her first haircut. If you know Kenley, you know that it didn't go well. She was terrified of the hair stylist. You would have thought she was coming at Kenley with a chainsaw instead of a pair of scissors. I felt bad for the hair stylist. She couldn't even come near Kenley or look at her without Kenley losing it. It took us about 15 minutes to figure out that a lollipop might help. It made the screaming stop. Sweet mercy.
Ashlyn is doing her thing. Pretending to be a princess...all the time. We finally got her to ride a bike. The bike in the pictures below is the ONLY bike she will ride. She is getting better. I am just ready for spring so we can go ride around the neighborhood.
I went on a scrapbook retreat with Shelly and Camille and got to meet some of their friends from college. We had a great time just hanging out. I had my meals cooked for me and got to eat them while they were still warm. I was loving life! I got so much done and am motivated to get caught up now. My mom came up to help with the girls while Ken was working on the first two days. Thank you Mom! The girls love seeing their Nana. And I came home to pictures of the girls that she took while I was gone. I love that!
Anyway, that has been what we have been up to. Whew. Here are the pics of what has been happening. Hopefully I will be back soon.

Kenley before the haircut....all is good...right?

Until we put her in the fun little car chair....not so much fun.

Please, make her stop, Mommy. Make her stop!

What? I have a lollipop. I'm fine. All is good.

I love my Daddy!

All done!
Kenley helping Julia make a salad

Bug on her new bike....finally!