Monday, February 8, 2010

Sweet Leighton-Two Weeks

My sweet little Leighton Anne, I simply cannot believe it has been two weeks since your birth. It seems like one day I was counting hours until I could hold you and the next time was flying by as I started my new life as a mother of three. The past two weeks have been crazy for me as I adjust to life as a mother of three and getting to know you. I feel like I am finally getting a handle on what day it is and what time it is (for the most part). I have thoroughly enjoyed spending these two weeks at home and just watching you change each day. Here is a journey in pictures of your first two weeks of life.

Last picture on January 26th before I went to the hospital

Meeting big sister Ashlyn for the first time (with Nana's help)

Meeting Kenley Lael (who is still so enamored with you)

A tired mommy holding my new baby girl

Meeting Grandad

Spending time with Nana (thanks Nana for taking over the job of rocking)

Getting your first bath (notice the look of helplessness on your sisters)

Sleeping the day away with your pink blanket

I thought I was so prepared for the way I feel about you. After all, I have had two little baby girls before and fallen in love with them. But when I saw your tiny sweet face, I knew that there was nothing that could have prepared me for the love that I have for you. I am in awe of how deep my love is for you and has been since I saw you.
Although I am way past the point of exhaustion, I love being with you each day and learning about this sweet little blessing that God has given to me. In the past two weeks, these are the things that I have learned about you: You seem to have your mother's sense of urgency and punctuality. I was only in labor for two hours and God gave you to me on this perfect three hour schedule...quite a change from the other two. You have the tiniest, sweetest little face with little delicate ears. You have loved a pacifier from day one (very good for mommy) and it takes up your whole face which is so cute to me. You loved to be rocked to sleep. You like to be swaddled so that your body is snug, but both arms are free. You like your arms free of the swaddle, but you like me to hold both of your hands while you fall asleep. You quietly remind me after three hours when it is time to eat, without much crying. You are soothed by the sound of Kenley singing "Jesus Loves Me" and Ashlyn excitedly saying, "It's okay! It's okay, LayLay!" as she flaps her hands wildly in your face. You like to be held against someone so that you can feel them breathe. You are already starting to make eye contact instead of the blank newborn stare. You are perfectly "Rushing" girl with your tiny little head that no hats fit on. You are perfectly "Rushing" girl with the adoption of your version of the pink blanket. We wouldn't know what to do without a giant pink blanket to haul around and get filthy. You are loved more than you can ever imagine. Welcome to the world, baby girl.