Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ticket Please!

I guess there is a first time for everything. Well, today just so happened to be the day that I got my very first speeding ticket. I almost made it until my 30th birthday with no speeding ticket. But today luck was not on my side. I came to get Shelly and her friend Linda so that we could all run to the mall together. We piled all three kids in the car as well as Linda, Shelly and myself. The Mommy Mobile was loaded down. So off we I was driving along listening to the story Shelly was telling me when I saw him....officer M. Lee. He had his little motorcycle lights on before I passed him and he was ready to pounce.
Officer M. Lee asked for the usual, driver's license and insurance. No problem. Except that my insurance card was not in my car. Fantastic. "Just let me know if you find your insurance card while I get your license plate information, ma'am." So he walks to the front of the van. "Where is your front license plate, ma'am?" Great. I told him it was under my passenger side floormat. Isn't that where everyone keeps their front license plate? Guess not. So officer M. Lee returned to his motorcycle to begin entering all my offenses into his little ticket doodad. He comes back to the van a few minutes later and I actually thought he was going to have mercy on me. He didn't. He told me that he had to give me a ticket for the failure to show insurance and missing license plate. He didn't have to give me a ticket for going 63 in a 50. But he did.
Officer M. Lee was a nice guy. He took some time to tell us some funny stories. He was even nice enough to let Shelly get a picture of me getting my very first ticket. Did you notice the thumbs up in the picture? Nice guy, I tell ya. Getting a ticket today was not my idea of fun. But oh, well. I am healthy and blessed. Apparently it was Kenley's idea of fun. She was hamming it up while I was getting the instructions on how to take care of my ticket.