Friday, September 11, 2009

Ashlyn's Build-A-Bear Date

As most of you know, Ashlyn started using a Thumb Guard to quit sucking her thumb on July 15th. About a week after starting it, I told her that if she could make it through all 60 wristbands, that we would take her to Build-A-Bear and let her make a special bear for a reward. Ever since then she has talked about going to "Builder Bear" almost every day. She has not sucked her thumb since the day after we started using the Thumb Guard. So we told her that today was her special day to go on a date by herself with Mommy and Daddy. We gave her a choice of where to go eat lunch, she chose CiCi's Pizza because they had dessert. Fine with me, it was cheap. Then we were off to shop. I had told Ashlyn that she could go to the Princess Store (Disney) and pick something special out as well. I know, she got a lot of stuff today, but I am a proud Mama and I wanted to make this a big deal for her and let her know how proud of her I am. Here she is with her selection from the Princess Store, Beauty and The Beast dolls.
Ashlyn headed directly to Build-A-Bear after getting her dolls. She has never been to Build-A-Bear before so she was so excited and it was so neat to see her get to pick stuff out. I do have to say that she picked her bear out within seconds. Ken and I tried (I know we should just let her get whatever she wants) to talk her out of her first choice for more than 5 minutes. "Ashlyn, don't you want a brown or black bear, or a cute little bunny? And then we can just put a pink outfit on it. Won't that be cute?" we persuaded. But when you are Ashlyn Rushing, no brown or black stuffed animal will do. They are not girly enough. Nothing will do but the Tie-dyed pink and yellow bear. There was no convincing her. She wouldn't hear a word of our pleading. Oh well. Here she is with her bear before getting stuffed.

Daddy and Ashlyn are making sure that the bear is filled properly and making sure that she is huggable.
After the stuffing, Ashlyn got to pick out a heart to place inside of the bear. She gave the heart a kiss and made a wish. Then put it inside of bear's body.
Ashlyn named her bear Lucy. This is the name that she wanted to name our new baby, but it was vetoed. So she was able to name her new baby Lucy.
After getting a bath, we all went to pick an outfit for Lucy. Again, Mommy tried convince Ashlyn of the practicality of the outfit. "Ashlyn, a pink shirt is a great idea, but we should probably get some little blue jean shorts or skirt to go with it. And then you could get these cute little pink shoes to go with it." Nope. Wasn't happening. Lucy had to have the shiniest dress, with the most sequins on it. And Lucy couldn't wear that dress without patent leather silver shoes, right? And if she is going to have all that, she needs to have a tiara and a wand. There, now Lucy was perfect.
Mommy and Ashlyn then had to go decide if Lucy needed bows in her hair as well as a tiara. We decided against it.

Ashlyn and Mommy with Lucy after she was complete. She was sooo excited!
Then we had to go to the computers and make Lucy and birth certificate. So cute.
A sweet kiss from my sweet girl.
Ashlyn with Mommy after we finished. I cannot tell you how proud of this girl I am. I sucked my thumb until I was twelve, so I know how hard it is to quit. She never complained...not once. She truly wanted to quit. Ashlyn, you are our big girl and we love you so much! Congratulations on earning your "Builder Bear"!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Over It and Thinking Pink!

I wanted to post this blog as an update for all of the sweet people who have asked me how I have been doing since I found out that baby #3 is a girl. Thank you all so much for your sweet words during my moment of self-pity. I have had several people that have made comments (some of whom are having trouble even getting pregnant) on the God's Plan is Perfect blog and even more that have just read it and asked me if I am doing better. The answer to that question is a resounding "Yes!" I did take my day to be a little sad that (aside from a completely changed heart) that there would be no more babies, therefore no boys in our home. I have had dreams of cute little blue outfits and toys that aren't pink or purple and just a little stinky boy to mix things up in the Rushing house. But God saw fit for us to have three girls. So I said my goodbyes to those dreams. And now, less than a week out from finding out that this little one is a she, I can almost not imagine her being a boy. I can now envision our family with three little girls (probably none of whom will look like there mother) running around our house. I think it will be great. Lord willing, I will help three girls with their first makeup, help them through their first broken hearts and get three beautiful girls ready for prom and eventually ready for their wedding. How awesome is that! Anyway, thank you for all of your sweet comments and thank you for being patient with me. I want you all to know that I do feel that God has truly blessed me to have a hand (or tummy) in creating this beautiful new life. Any ideas on the names, send them my way!

Ashlyn's First Day of Pre-K

Ashlyn has been looking forward to starting Pre-K this year for quite some time. Partly because it brings her one year closer to going to kindergarten which she talks about a lot already. Partly because most of her friends start at least a week earlier than she does and she loses playmates for the end of her summer. So today was her big day. She was very excited that she had a clean dress to wear on her first day. Pretty much all she was concerned about this morning was that she got to wear her "seashell dress" and that she had a drinkable yogurt packed in her lunch. So after that was taken care of, we slapped on the forbidden after-labor-day white sandals and off we went. She was very helpful carrying in her own backpack and nap mat today. She couldn't wait to get into her classroom. Hugs and kisses to Mommy and Daddy and off she went. I picked her up today and she said she had a great day except for one little girl that was mean to her. I asked her what happened and this is what she said. "______ was mean to me at school today, Mommy. She told me to come sit down so I did. But then she looked at me and said, 'I didn't tell YOU to come sit down, I asked ________ to come sit down!' So I got up and then she turned to ________ and said, 'C'mon, ________, let's go play somewhere else. So I had to go find another friend to play with." My heart wanted to break when she told me this story. It is just one of many struggles and days of hurt feelings that she will face in school and in the real world, I know. But no one ever wants their child to suffer. It is so hard not to tell her to get _______ by herself and tie her shoelaces together. But I know that God wants her to treat others kindly. So I just told her that I was so sorry that she got treated that way and Daddy reminded her tonight that we are always kind to people, even when we don't know them. Our little bug is growing so big and I love every day with her. Here are the pictures of her before school by herself and one with a certain little sister that wanted her picture taken with "Ashyn".

PS. We are three days from finishing the wristbands with the Thumb-Guard. Stay tuned later this week for the special Build-A-Bear date with Ashlyn, Mommy and Daddy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

God's Plan is Perfect

Today was the day of our big ultrasound for our little baby. It is a day that I have been looking forward to since the day that I have found out I was pregnant. I wanted to know so badly if this tiny person was a boy or a girl. I even went so far as to buy the Intelligender test to give me a little hint. Every single person close to me was convinced that this was a little boy and I have to say that with how differently I felt from day one, I was pretty sure myself. So, today when we were told that the ultrasound tech (who has been doing this for 20 years) is 95% sure that this is a little baby girl, it was a little difficult for me to take. I struggle with what to write because some of this sadness that I am having is just a frustration with myself for being even a little disappointed after looking at these sweet pictures. But it is a little sad to say goodbye to little boyish outfits, cars and trucks for toys, and maybe having a little football player in later years. It is difficult for me to process that my sweet husband who is such a perfect daddy to our girls will probably never have a little sidekick to go do boy things with. With all that being said, I know that God's plan is perfect for our lives. God gave us a third little girl because he knows what is best for our family. God knows that we are better suited to have three girls. And apparently He thinks we can afford three weddings :) So I will take today to be a little sad. Although I don't want to feel this way, I cannot help my feelings. I will start thinking of sweet names and picturing her sweet face and tomorrow will be better.
I will be having another ultrasound in four weeks because little one is measuring about 11 days small and the tech was having trouble getting several pictures of the heart and face that she needed to. I cannot wait to see my little girl in a few weeks and I will post more pictures. But for now, here are the pictures of our sweet baby girl. Thank you, God.