Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday, Ken!

Blessed By You

You've dreaded this day for quite awhile
Though most see only a convincing smile

At forty years old, you look to find
A moment to which, you could rewind

Hiking, skiing, climbing, biking
All hobbies you found quite to your liking

An abundance of time and energy plenty
Days of play and a tank with no empty

Now here you are, no more days of glory
Those times a memory, simply a story

This is what you see when you look at you
But I want you to see it from my point of view

I see a man who has come so far
Though your journey is not without scars

Through battles lost and trials you've come
The ones that count, you've certainly won

When trials come, you consistently prove
Your character strong, your loyalty true

A servant's heart without any doubt
A willing spirit, there to help out

No hour to late, no cause too small
A best friend to me and good friend to all

On top of all this, with all that I have
My girls are blessed with the very best dad

Who always make time at the end of the day
For tea, princesses, and make-believe play

These little girls who today you carry
I can only pray one day will marry

A kind and honest and loving man
That can hold their hearts like Daddy can

Through hard times, we've recently come
I've learned many lessons, here is just one:

When times are tough and push come to shove
You do what you must for the ones that you love

I know you feel different on the inside
But I cannot help but be filled with pride

Witnessing to others, of the storm we've been through
I tell your story, of all that you do

Though you've been humbled and your faith has been tried
You have found a way to always provide

So I take this opportunity today
To tell you things I don't often say

I am a woman who is truly blessed
With a husband who loves me and does possess

Fruits of the spirit and a heart that is kind
Things in a man that are difficult to find

So as you look back over forty Decembers
These are some things I hope you remember

When life isn't what you want it to be
Please keep in mind, you're the man of my dreams

I love you, Ken. I am blessed to share my life with you. Love, Theresa


Camille, Blake and Pierce said...

Glad to see you back on the blog... missed you... and happy 40th Ken... very sweet poem

RiverBend Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Ken!
This whole family is blessed by you!

Jeremy Becker said...

Happy birthday old friend! It is great to be back in touch.