Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Best Spring Break

We have had to do some "staycations" over the past few holidays because of everything going on with the job situation. So when Spring Break came around, I decided not to let myself get depressed when I heard about all the trips that everyone was going on. We could have a great time and make memories right at home. Ken had to work late early in the week so my sister came to stay with us and help me with the craziness that is three little ones for a few days. She saved my sanity for sure. I had planned on taking the girls to the zoo on Tuesday, but the weather ended up being kind of nasty so we decided to go to the museum of Nature & Science instead. Turned out, everyone that was planning on going to the zoo, decided to go to the museum instead. There was a long line just to get in and get tickets. I heard a sermon several weeks ago that focused on the fact that memories are made in the journey, not the destination. I kept reminding myself of this while standing in the line. And it was true! We had so much fun in the chaos at the museum. I so enjoyed getting to visit with Jill and being with my sweet girls and just watching them play. I had Jill to keep me smiling when the meltdowns came over no apparent reason. It was great. We took the girls to the IMAX movie about Alaska. Ashlyn was amazed, I could have just watched the look on her face the whole time. Kenley was terrified at first and when she finally turned around to watch the movie, it was with her fingers jammed in her ears. We went to some exhibits after the movie and lunch. It proved to be a little much for Ashlyn who kept commenting that there were too many people. She doesn't handle large crowds very well. The water exhibit was fun for us all though (even though we had to change Kenley's clothes afterwards).

Kenley making a mess at the water exhibit

Ashlyn hamming it up

Ashlyn frustrated with all the people at the bone dig

Kenley took some time to have a pedicure....she didn't tell Mommy. Ashlyn came running into the room and told me that Kenley had painted her toenails. I was trying to tell her how this is a "no-no" while snapping some pictures.

Pretty pedicure

The weather was pretty most days and the girls asked to eat dinner outside. So we had a little macaroni and cheese picnic one evening and they loved it. Ashlyn loves to eat outside and have picnics.

Dining al fresco

Sweet Leighton spent most of the week sleeping and growing. She has done so well going to sleep in her bassinet and going back to sleep after every feeding at night. She is sleeping for about a 5 hour stretch at night which is good for me at this point. She continues to be a sweet little baby and is growing so fast. Ken got to spend some time with her this week on his days off. They are so cute. We have people that say she looks just like Ken, some say she looks like me (I think they are just trying to be nice) and some say that she looks just like her Uncle Joe. I can definitely see that, but I also still think she looks A LOT like Ashlyn. Whoever she looks like, she is a cutie and I love, love, love that I have this little baby girl

Sweet Baby Leighton at 7 weeks (almost)
Time with Daddy

Yesterday the weather was beautiful so we decided pack a picnic lunch and take the girls out to a park. I saw a park in Ft. Worth when Jill, the girls, and I headed over to eat dinner with her cousin one night. It was the coolest park and the girls had a blast. I didn't get any pictures because my camera battery was dead, but we will definitely be back and I will have to post pictures. The park had a huge wooden fort style play area and Ashlyn spent most of the time running around playing by herself. When we tried to play with her she reminded us over and over that she was working in England and she couldn't be bothered. She has the most remarkable imagination. I love it. Kenley spent most of the time swinging. And little baby LayLay just chilled out in the Baby Bjorn and slept. Ken was Superdad and pushed the girls and about 10 other kids on the merry-go-round and taught both girls and about 6 other kids how to climb a giant caterpillar ladder. I am so blessed to have him as a husband. He is the best dad I have ever seen.

Today the weather is nasty again and Ken is back at work. The girls and I decided to build a fort in her room for them to play in. I told Ashlyn that I can remember doing this with my brothers when I was a little girl. It is one of the best memories I have of playing with my brothers. She said, "Really? How do you still remember how to do it?" Very funny, Ashlyn. So with three chip clips, a bed sheet and one rubberband, we created a clubhouse masterpiece. It has allowed for hours of pretend play. It is so sweet to watch Ashlyn and Kenley play together (and get along). I see more forts in our future.

Club Rushing

Don't they look mischievous?

So we have had a great Spring Break staying at home and spending time together. I have learned that when we think we don't have some opportunities, God is providing other opportunities in order to bless us. This was one of those weeks. I love my family and was blessed to spend this special week with my sister, my girls, and my sweet husband.

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Shelly said...

Sweet blog! I'm glad you guys made some memories at home. Many times, those are the best kinds with kids as little as ours.